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Hey everyone! If you don't already know me, I figured I would put this little bio together so you can learn more about the face behind Accurate Imaging.

My name is Heath Goodrich. I've been a lifelong resident of Greenbrier, AR. I went to the Greenbrier schools K-12 and graduated from there in 2011. It is also where I met my beautiful wife, Lauren, whom I married in 2012, and blessed me with 3 wonderful children. My oldest, and only son, Kain. Then Raelynn and Rosalie, my twin girls.

Shortly after having our son, I realized I needed to start a career that could provide for a new family. Thankfully, one blessing after another, I was able to start Accurate Imaging in June of 2016. 

I've worked tirelessly getting this company where it is today by keeping my focus on my clients, my family, and my walk with Christ. Not all necessarily in that order.

While I intend on getting more certifications, I have already become a Google Trusted Photographer, a Zillow Certified Photographer, and an Accredited Photographer with the Better Business Bureau of Arkansas.


I pride myself on being a trustworthy business owner, and if you got nothing else from this message, I want to make sure this point drives home. I will ALWAYS try to do right by my clients.

If you ever find yourself needing photography or videography services in the state of Arkansas, I hope you'll consider us.

Thank you, and have a blessed day!

Nature Shot
Video Camera Lens
Drone with Camera
Film Set
Photography Reflector Lamp
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